Quality Policy

KRS Multilub Private Limited has always focus on manufacturing world class Quality Products for world class living life style. Thus KRS Multilub Private Limited all products can work everywhere in all global environments. KRS Multilub Private Limited Electric Water and Motors can be used in houses , in Industries and also in Large Farms for agriculture Purpose in order to supply huge water Requirements. KRS Multilub Private Limited pumps & Motors are well known for its Quality , Reliability & Excellent for all type of service purpose. KRS Multilub Private Limited & Motors are manufactured under Highly Qualified Technical staff with a stage wise rigid inspection.All products are manufactured under strict quality control in accordance with International Standards, our products are a symbol of Reliability, Performance and Aesthetics. Our user-friendly technology adds immensely to the credibility of our products and makes us the pioneers in the field of manufacturing High Quality Oil Lubrication Pumps, Oil Injectors, Grease Pumps, Grease Injectors, Barrel Pumps, Plant Lubrication, Grease Feeders, Grease Spray Nozzles, Oil Spray Nozzles.

Testing Facilities

KRS Multilub Private Limited manufacture products that are engineered aiming at performance and customer satisfaction. KRS Multilub Private Limited special R & D team work everyday in researching and developing more energy efficient and environment friendly products. R & D team includes well educated experienced Engineers that have complete knowledge about Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.